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Oh My Garden

Our seeds are sourced directly from one of the oldest family owned seed companies in Italy dating back to 1783!

Perfect for any garden space

Whether you have an established home garden or just enough space for a few garden pots, you've come to the right place! We sell plant varieties that are perfect for spaces big or small. All of our varieties thrive in small pots. Who wouldn't want a piece of Italy on their patio!?

100% Organic

We only use organic soil mixes to grow our seedlings. All of our plants are grown from seed in sunny Los Angeles and shipped around the country! It's time to start your sustainable home garden today ;)

We offer unique varieties that you don’t typically find in your big box garden stores

Add something special to your home garden this season!


You will find a curated selection of plants that are not only in season but also make perfect companions for your home garden. We understand the importance of selecting plants that thrive together, sharing similar water and sun requirements, creating harmonious and vibrant displays.


Gone are the days of guessing which plants can coexist peacefully in your garden. With our carefully chosen collection, we've taken the guesswork out of gardening. Each plant available for purchase on our website is handpicked and thoughtfully selected to ensure they can be planted together, creating a balanced ecosystem where they can flourish.






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